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Erasmus of Rotterdam

A table showing the relation of three of his works to one another and to the Reformation


Praise of Folly

New Testament


1499 Began study of Greek in England
1500 Paris edition; 818 proverbs and comments
1508 Aldine Press edition;
3,260 adages and longer comments
1509 Writes Praise of Folly in More’s house in London
1511 Published
1512 Teaches at Cambridge
1514 Arrives at Froben’s house in Basel
1515 Basel edition; expanded with 9 long essays and shorter additions
1515 Returns to England to fetch notes on NT
1516 Editio Princeps, Novum instrumentum omne
1519 2nd edition
1522 3rd edition
1524–1526 Written controversy with Luther on free will
1527 4th edition
1533 Last important additions; 4,251 adages
1535 5th edition

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